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Barbara was sitting behind Jimmy, and her hands
encircled his waist and then found his rod still straining
inside his bikini. She freed it and kissed his neck from
behind, pressing her own straining breasts against his back.
Jimmy alternated between closing his eyes in ecstasy and
peeking over at the show going on with his wife and the
nubile young co-ed. He saw as Tanya’s lithe body pressed up
against his wife’s eager mouth, and how she sucked, nibbled,
and licked in eager return. Tanya’s tight body showed no
tan lines – a fact Jimmy decided to inquire about later.

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When her suit was off she turned her back to them, but they
could see her fingers moving back and forth between her legs
as she swayed her hips. Her motions picked up tempo and she
turned and faced them, her eyes closed, but her fingers
massaged her slit, and now and then dipped inside for
lubricate herself. One hand reached up and began pinching a
nipple and a gasp escaped her lips. Slowly her steps moved
her closer to the bed until she masturbated right in front
of Dana. She moved and swayed closer until Dana couldn’t
help herself and she leaned forward and suckled the upturned
breast. Her own nipples were stiff, and Mike reached from
behind and massaged them vigorously.

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An hour later they decided to go in from the sun,
and all 5 hurried to Mike and Barbara’s apartment. The air-
conditioning felt great after the heat of the day, and no
one dressed any more modestly than they were while Barb went
into the kitchen to fix a pitcher of cool drinks. Tanya
told Jimmy and Dana that she was in town to see a hard rock
band the next night. Mike then explained how Tanya had
walked in on he and Barb making love accidentally nearly 6
years ago, and they had spent time with her explaining the
mechanics and the emotions, but had not done more with her
until her 18th birthday. That was when the monthly visits
had begun, and had continued for nearly a year. Barb
returned with the drinks, and as everyone sipped Mike asked
Tanya if she would like to expand her horizons. The
mischievous smile reappeared on her face, and she reached
out both hands to Jimmy and Dana, and led them back to the
bedroom with Mike and Barbara following close behind. She
motioned for the 2 couples to sit on the bed, and then she
began a slow striptease that sent shivers down their spine.

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Barb peeked over the rim of her sunglasses at the
bulge in Jim’s lap, and her hand unconsciously went to her
own crotch for a second.
After a few minutes of chit-chat Mike said that he
wanted to show them the surprise he had mentioned the night
before. He walked over to the pool’s edge, knelt down, and
motioned to someone on the other side. There was a splash,
a pause, and then he was helping a teenaged blond out of the
The sun glistened from her green eyes, and the water
clung to her tanned skin, almost like it was reluctant to
let go. She had narrow hips but long legs that made her
seem taller than her 5’6″ height. Her hair hung wetly down
to an ample chest, but the most striking thing about her was
her smile, set amidst a model’s face. Her smile was warm
with just a hint of mischief as she accepted Mike’s hand and
walked over to where the other 3 sat.
“Tanya,” Mike said, his eyes never leaving her, “let
me introduce you to two very close friends – Jimmy and
Jimmy started to get up, but became afraid he would
literally poke up through his suit, so he just leaned
forward and shook her hand. Dana followed suit, and found
herself staring at this lovely young creature in spite of
“Tanya,” Mike explained, “is our niece, just in this
morning from across the state. She was in our wedding as a
junior bridesmaid 5 years ago when she was 14. She’s
slept,” and he paused for effect, “with us whenever there
was a concert in the city she wanted to attend. We try to
make it a habit of having her here at least once a month.”
Tanya then skipped off to the diving area and began to
show off her form on the medium board, doing double
somersaults and entering with hardly a splash. Jimmy leaned
back, waved for a drink from the bar, and wondered how he
had ever gotten so lucky. Dana’s eyes were glued to the
nubile girl’s acrobatics, and she caught herself licking her

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Meanwhile Jimmy put on a striped Speedo suit, but when
he got a look at his voluptuous wife he wondered how he
would ever stay inside the small piece of fabric. Donning
their robes they went out hand in hand to the pool area.
Mike and Barb were sitting by the pool sipping drinks
when they arrived. Mike was wearing the same small black
suit as the day before, but Barbara was wearing a yellow and
green one-piece that was see-through even without being wet.
Jimmy and Dana unrobed, and flushed at the appreciative
stares they received from Mike and Barb.

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Dana and Jimmy went to the local mall the next day
to do some shopping. Jimmy was excited about their
encounter, but Dana seemed transformed by it. As they went
through the clothes racks, Dana frowned at the more
conservative choices and spent a lot of time in the lingerie
and swimsuit departments. They each did a little shopping
on their own and then met again to go home. When they left
Jimmy knew that Dana’s choices boded well for the future.
They arrived back home only a short time before they
were to meet Mike and Barb, and the suit Dana chose to wear
may as well not have been there. A pale pink thong bikini
snaked its way around her waist, over her neatly trimmed
bush, and tightly up between her cheeks – a hint of lace the
only part peeking out. The bra was tight, but not
uncomfortably so. The material was nearly sheer, and her
nipples, while not completely revealed, surely would be so
when she got wet.

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Later that evening they awakened, dressed, and went
out to the dining room for that dinner Jimmy and Dana had
come over for. They talked like old friends though they had
just met. Their shared experience had brought them closer
together than a month of dinners alone could have.
They made plans to meet at the pool the next day, and
as they parted Mike winked at Jimmy and said they had a
surprise for the two of them when next they met.

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She first looked back to see that it was Jimmy giving it to
her, and then over at Dana who was dreamily staring at the
scene and licking her lips. Dana then moved her own
twitching cheeks closer to Barbara’s wet mouth.
Even as Barbara’s own ass was being rythmically pumped
she tongued and fingered Dana’s tight bung hole. Dana’s own
fingers were down there also, working her clit to the beat
Barbara was setting with her tongue, which she was moving in
sync to the reaming she was getting in the rear. Dana was
working frantically with her fingers, and even helped grease
her own anus with the cunt juices, the taste of which only
drove Barbara to lick and probe more heartily.
And when the 3 of them thought that all the ass was
taken, Barbara sensed the only one left out, Mike, move up
behind Jimmy who was behind her. He knew that the 2 ladies’
back ends were taken, so he took the only available derriere
left. Getting into the rhythm of the other 3 he
amateurishly tried to just thrust on in, but after a quick
failure he too scooped the K-Y jelly, smeared it into Jim’s
ass, and rammed home! Aah! Spent, they all collapsed on
the large bed and fell fast asleep.
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Barbara started moving around and Dana had to almost follow
her around the bed. Of course, the guys were just sitting
back watching now. Barbara started pitching and bucking and
reached for Dana’s head. She grabbed Dana’s head and pulled
it into her crotch and let out a scream. She shook for
what seemed like a full minute. When she calmed down, Dana
pulled away and her mouth and chin were drenched. She
licked her lips and said, “that was good!”
Her face smelled of Barbara’s muskiness and she laid
back on the bed. They had both been in heaven or at least
so they had thought!
Barbara couldn’t tell which of the guys it was who
smeared K-Y jelly on her ass, but without opening her eyes
she pulled her knees to her chest and felt warm hands
caressing her back door. Fingers played in and out of her
until she could tell that what began slipping in was not a
finger. Her muscle resisted and protested a little, but
then she relaxed again and gave into the insistent thrusting
until she could feel his hips bouncing off of her cheeks.

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He couldn’t believe this was his conservative wife eating
another women’s pussy and telling a stranger to fuck her in
front of her husband. Although he was enjoying it, he was
still in a state of shock.
Mike moved up behind her and with one shove, was in
her all the way. She moaned a little and put her ass in the
air for him. Barbara was really getting into Jimmy’s cock.
She had the whole thing in her mouth and Jimmy couldn’t
figure out why she wasn’t choking. He could feel the head
touching the back of her throat and he knew he wouldn’t last
long. Dana was really sucking and licking now and Barbara
was starting to tremble slightly. Mike was pounding her
pretty hard, but not hard enough to make her hurt Barbara
with her teeth. Jimmy felt his cum rising and Barbara could
feel the spasms starting in his cock. She moved up on his
cock to where she only had about 3 inches of it in her mouth
and started moving her tongue around the head very fast
while sucking. Jimmy shot what felt like a quart into her
mouth and she drank every drop.
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Jimmy was buried in Barbara’s pussy and was fucking
her with very long, slow strokes. He was the one that had a
view of everything going on and couldn’t believe this was
happening. All of a sudden, Dana let out a yell and started
shaking uncontrollably. She was trying to move away from
Barbara’s mouth since the orgasm was so strong. She moaned
and writhed for about 30 seconds and then slowly calmed
Mike moved over and Jimmy pulled out of Barbara and
Barbara moved up Dana’s body and kissed Dana deeply. It was
quite a sight for Jimmy. Barbara moved off of Dana and
pulled Dana over to her. Dana instinctively moved down to
Barbara’s cunt and started licking her. Mike moved under
Dana and started licking her cunt while Jimmy positioned
himself so Barbara could finish what she had started in the
living room. Dana stopped for a second and told Mike she
wanted him to fuck her, not eat her. Jimmy almost fainted.

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At the same time, she saw Jimmy on his knees behind
Barbara holding his cock in his hand guiding it into
Barbara’s cunt. She was enjoying Mike’s cock since she had
never seen one this big. It wasn’t any longer than Jimmy’s,
but definitely much thicker. She swirled her tongue around
the head a few times and then would gingerly suck on it.
She couldn’t come close to getting the whole thing in her
mouth. She moved down to his balls and managed to get each
one in her mouth for a few seconds. Mike had wet his
fingers and was pinching and rubbing her nipples. Dana had
never felt this good before and knew she’d come any minute.

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All this time she had her eyes closed and then felt
something pushing on her mouth. She opened her eyes to find
Mike’s cock in her face and she began to gently lick it.
But wait, if this is Mike’s cock, who is licking me? She
looked down for a moment and saw that it was Barbara licking
her. She flinched a little and Mike touched her forehead
and said “Enjoy”. It felt so good, she didn’t argue. Jimmy
had performed oral sex on her several times, but it never
felt this good. Barbara’s mouth seemed to know exactly
where to lick or probe and when.
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